Airtight Stainless Steel Container 3pcs Combo Pack of Flat 500ml Capacity

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*Lid made of a unique fusion of Stainless steel Lid, Silicon seal, and Plastic locks. *Silicon sealing and four locks help to keep food items fresh for a longer duration and make them airtight. *Body & Lid made of Premium Quality S304 grade stainless steel to avoid any plastic contact with food. *Highly handy, easy to use, occupies less space, and is elegant. *Ideal to carry meals/fruits or any food items to work, travel, School, College outing, etc. *Detachable locks can be changed. *Provided an additional lock inside the pack.

Type: Jars & Containers
Material: Steel
Length: 13.0 (in cm)
Width: 35.0 (in cm)
Height: 17.0 (in cm)
Capacity: 0.65 (in ml)
Country of Origin: India